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Macap Ersatzteile bei gastrotiger.de kaufen. Heute bestellen - morgen einbauen! Macap Ersatzteile kaufen. Über 80.000 Teile auf Lager. 30 Tage Rückgaberecht Günstige Preise & Mega Auswahl für Macap Green Eye Makeup Inspiration Warm Neutral. Warm, matte neutrals with a subtle, glowy inner corner highlight is a great everyday look for green eyes. Strong Liner. This bold, editorial cat eye by @nikki_makeup instantly draws attention to the eyes. Black goes with... Pinky-Brown. The eyeshadow's. The 7 Most Gorgeous Makeup Colors for Green Eyes Slate Gray Liner. Heavy black liner can look severe on light eyes, especially in the daytime, Whelan says. A creamy... Every Shade of Purple. We've said before that purple flatters every eye color (which is true), but it's extra gorgeous... Smoky. Green Eye Must-Have #3: Purple Mascara The YSL Beauty Mascara Vinyl Couture in I'm The Unpredictable Burgundy is one of the best mascara options to really emphasize green eyes. Because red lies directly across from green on the color wheel, any purple shade (especially one with red undertones) will help green stand out

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  1. Glittery copper, cream, and champagne shades look amazing with green eyes that have a hint of brown in them. Similarly to the pink smokey eye, start with the lightest shade and leave the darker copper and orange shadows to the outer corners. Since it is a generally light and bright eye look, add a black or brown liner to complete your makeup
  2. Dressing up green eyes with purples, blues, pinks, oranges, or a mystifying green-blue eyeshadow hue will do the trick to enchant your eyes. This look will make a simple gaze, voice, and smile that more alluring and eye-catching. This is, by far, one of the best makeup looks to try and practice if you have green eyes
  3. Makeup For Green Eyes - Tips Now that we've covered the best makeup colors for green eyes and a whole bunch of tutorials, here are a few makeup tips for your green eyes: No matter what the color of your eyes is, an eye primer is essential to keep your eyeshadow in place for longer and also to prevent fallout
  4. Your eye-popping green eye makeup will look nice with toned-down lip makeup, mostly featuring warm shades like neutral and bright brown shades. Do make sure to stay away from pink or red lipstick when wearing green eyeshadow! • When it comes to the best blush colors to go with your green eye makeup, consider warm brown shades or bronzer
  5. imum and how her eyes are doing all the talking with that green shadow. To nail it like Lucy, use a single shadow on your lids, up to your crease
  6. Jan 7, 2021 - Explore Rae P.'s board Makeup Looks: Green & Teal Eyeshadow on Pinterest. See more ideas about makeup, eyeshadow, makeup looks
  7. Here's a list of five makeup looks to try to get those green eyes of yours to make a statement. Green Eyeshadow Look Gold Makeup Makeup For Green Eyes Cute Makeup Eyeshadow Looks Eyeshadow Makeup What Is Makeup Makeup With Green Dress Glitter Makeup

Green eyes are the rarest and we've got some perfect makeup tutorials for green eyes. From simple and cute eyeshadow looks to dramatic and smokey looks, looks for work, for weddings, for prom, for the evening and just natural looks, check out these 50 step by step tutorials to find out what color eye shadow for green eyes is best 31 Pretty Eye Makeup Looks for Green Eyes 1. Black & Gold Look. Black and gold looks so pretty with green eyes. Mixing black and gold for shimmering eyes, looks... 2. Tutorial for Green Smokey Eye. Look at these four shades - emerald green, deep purple, dark red and white. Picture... 3. Copper. As you can see in the image above, green can work very well with green eyes, especially when you combine it with gold. Now apply the green shade to your eyelid and make sure to line your lid with a gold eyeliner straight out to the end. This will help to act as a border between your green eye-shadow and your green eyes. 8 Best Makeup Looks And Eyeshadow Colors For Green Eyes To Try Priscilla Gomez January 12, 2021 Makeup looks with stunning eyeshadow colors for green eyes are often consider one of the most unique pair of peepers to styl

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  1. If you have green eyes, then adding green eyeliner into your makeup look can completely compliment your look. Paint your eyelids with your golden shade. Then, take a brown colour and blend throughout the crease outwards. Use green eyeliner to draw in the lower lash line and end with your favourite mascara
  2. Green is the rarest of all eye colors, with less than 2% of the world's population having green eyes. If you have this unusual and beautiful eye color, take a look at our 20 Best Celebrity Makeup Looks for Green Eyes below.We've chosen 20 fabulous and flattering eye makeup looks worn by famous green-eyed celebs such as Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart, Rachel McAdams, Jennifer Lawrence.
  3. Mila Kunis opted for a soft brown eye look with a peachy gloss with her emerald green dress! We are totally bowled over with her look here. She looks fresh and stunning here, well, she indeed is! 9. Smokey Black Eye Makeup. Here, you'll notice that the smokey black eye makeup is paired with the neutral lip color. Smoky eyes look great with.
  4. Your makeup for green eyes will be perfect! 17. Amazing Green Eyes Makeup Idea with Liquid Eyeliner. Choose winged liner brush to create your eyeliner, and make perfect inner corner. Is a super easy task when you will using liner brush. 18. Bright Color Green Eyes Makeup Look. We absolutely love this bright summer look
  5. Green Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial using Makeup Geek Envy eye shadow and Lakme Eyeconic Kajal! Please Like, Comment and Subscribe to my channel - http://bit.ly/..
  6. As mentioned, purple is a winner with green eyes. On the colour wheel chart, purple is the opposite to green and therefore it's a good choice. If you are out shopping and forget about colours will suit green eyes, remember to stick to the warmer shades versus the cooler shades. Add a touch of glitter to the striking purple shade to add some glam
  7. Look at this awesome glittery green eye makeup look. Starting off with a warm brown eye shadow as a base for the outer corners, leaving the glittery green for the lids only and don't forget to wing it that green liner on the lower lashes is making all the difference

Eyeshadow in brown tones. Green eyes go particularly well with the full range of brown shades. You can choose from the lighter, neutral tones like beige or taupe to even the darkest and intense chocolates or reddish browns.Apply them alone for natural daily makeup or combine them for a more striking look Image courtesy: @ kritisanon Classic smokey eye will always be our go-to eye makeup look, but if you want to take things a notch higher, take inspiration from Kriti Sanon's green smokey eye.. Get the look: - Apply your favourite shimmer green eyeshadow all over the eyelids, apply another coat to make it bold like Kriti's

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While celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo doesn't believe in limiting yourself to specific make up shades, he does say smoky, gray tones look incredible against green eyes Utilize a shimmery highlighter in a grayish shading. Next, utilize a blushing dark colored as your midtone. Ensure it is matte in the surface. Ultimately, use a dark purple as the , and you will have caught a look that non-green... On the off chance that you utilize a purple eyeliner and dark. What exactly does this look like? Scroll down to check out Schuma's illustrations and product recommendations for the best makeup for green eyes. You'll notice that the makeup artist uses red-browns and pink tones to accentuate true green eyes. She opts for wine, plum and lilac/lavender makeup to brighten the yellow hues in golden-green eyes. And for hazel eyes, Schuma uses eggplant, periwinkle or even navy to help intensify the flecks of green, gold and brown Enhancing the natural sparkle of your eye colour with magical makeup is the perfect way to make your hypnotising and mesmerising green eyes brighter than ever! Whether you love bolder, statement colours, seductive smokey shades or a natural look using brightening, dreamy, glowing tones, Charlotte has a magical collection of fabulous eyeshadows that are perfect for green eyes Green Eyeliner Look #1: The dotted cat eye. To create this look, use your green eyeliner to draw a traditional cat eye along your upper lash line. From there, use the eyeliner's pointed tip to draw evenly spaced dots along your lower lash line. If you want your green eye makeup look to have a more retro vibe, you can make your dots a bit larger

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  1. Brown shades can also compliment green eyes in the form of both shadow and liner. Both warm golden browns and deeper brown black can draw attention to the eyes. To achieve the versatile eye makeup look in this photo, used a warm brown eye shadow in the crease and outer corner of the lid, and a black brown liner shade on the top and bottom lash lines
  2. 8. GREEN. Oftentimes you hear not to wear makeup shades that are the same color as your eyes, but green hues account for some of the best eyeshadow colors for green eyes. The right green shadows can bring out the radiance in your irises! Sage, a brownish pale green, is one of those colors
  3. Green eyes were made to match with purple liners and shadows. Shades of plum, amethyst, aubergine, and violet bring out their natural brightness for a vivid and piercing look. Green is also complemented by red on the color wheel, so pick shades with reddish and ruddy undertones, such as bronze, rust, and mahogany
  4. Green eye look. FOTD. 2 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. a trans flag make up look in honour of trans day of visibility ️‍⚧️ i may be a day late, but it's important we keep fighting for equality each and every day. 5.9k
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With a few makeup tricks, the green can be brought out and made to shine. Hazel greens are just as rare as true greens and these beauty hacks will work for them, as well. Green eyes used to be one of the hardest eye colors to make pop simply because not enough people had them Classic eye makeup is done by using the proper bold colors. Eyes your best features so make sure that they look very beautiful. Put your most effort over the eyes and rest of the face makeup should be very light. Green eyes would look stunning in perfect smokey eye makeup. You can transform the look yourself. Practice on how you can create the look Best Makeup For Blue Green Eyes: 1. Va-Va Voom Violet: Blue-green eyes look great with any deep shade of purple, so create a really elegant effect by sweeping a bolder, light or romantic hue of purple just on the centre of the eyelid (which means, choose the shade depending on your intended look.

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To do makeup for green eyes, start by choosing an eyeshadow in the pink, purple, or red family to make your eyes pop. Alternatively, wear bronze, copper, or gold to bring out the gold flecks in your eyes and make them appear brighter Apply a primer, before starting the makeup look. With a dense eye brush apply deep green eyeshadow as a transition shade extending to outer v shape. Apply emerald green glitters in the middle of the upper eyelid and lower lash line with the help of glitter glue. Then draw a thin layer of black eyeliner in the upper lash line Celebrity makeup artist Carl Ray, who is Michelle Obama's personal makeup artist, shares tips for updating your makeup look if, for some reason, you're stuck in the '90s.. 1. You're still using a.

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Nine Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes. Use pale to medium eye shades and medium liner for green eyes and pearl, shimmer, and matte formulas for a soft and pretty look. Skip the pigments, as these are often better for a more dramatic look Jewel-toned eye makeup is our newest obsession. Ahead, makeup artist Jonet Williamson breaks down how to get the look with some intense blending of deep purples, moody emerald greens and luxurious pinks. The best part? It only takes one palette and is ridiculously easy to recreate. Jewel-Toned Eye Makeup Step #1: Prep the Eye Copper tends to highlight green eyes and makes your eyes have a wide-awake appearance. If you have green eyes, try switching your black eyeliner and mascara to brown. This will instantly give you..

We've highlighted 10 of the best eyeshadows for green eyes based on Ipster reviews from past Glam Bags. Whether you're after a smoky eye, something shimmery, or a neutral makeup look, there's an eyeshadow color here for you This orange eyeliner look by Kathleen Lights is an ingenious way to feature the eyes. The use of orange, which is a contrasting color to green, makes this a makeup look for green eyes. And because this look is totally spring-ready, I can't help but remember those cute spring nails I saw the other day. Get this look by following her tutorial. Since you have green eyes, you can try a subtle cat-eye look by extending your eyeliner past your natural eyelid line. Coat you top outer lashes with more mascara to accentuate this look. Smokey-eye makeup look. India Eisley: Fair skin, dark brown hair, and pale green eyes When you are trying to really, truly use makeup tricks to enhance the green in your eyes, you want to make sure that you are avoiding a lot of the whites and silvers in makeup. The reasoning behind this is because these colors can actually highlight other colors of your eyes, not so much green though 3. Use a high-pigment eye pencil in black or dark brown. This is what really restores definition and shape to your eyes. The pencil should glide on and look opaque — not sheer — but it shouldn't be too slippery or too dry. Whether you choose a traditional pencil or a twist-up type is purely up to your preference and wallet

Eyes are the heart to our soul, why not make it as beautiful as your soul is. Lucky are the ones who have got those ever so beautiful green eyes. Why be ordinary, when you can easily flaunt that cool look on your green eyes. The best way to change and enhance your beautiful feature is to apply some amazing Continue reading 10 Best Eyeshadow Colors for Green Eyes Makeup Make green eyes look greener with Charlotte's edit of mesmerising eye makeup, coloured eyeliners and eyeshadow for green eyes! Green symbolises the magic of Mother Nature and her nurturing spirit of balance and harmony. Green eyes are rare and mysterious, meaning they often represent a sense of independence, creativity and curiosity

Green Eyes. When you have beautiful green eyes, try purple, mauve, violet, lilac, and plum. For a different look that works try brown with some bronze and gold specks in it. Since your eyes are already bright, there is no need to use vivid colors to enhance them. Also, avoid cool shades like blue, because they will make your eyes look washed out Purple Eyeshadow for Green and Hazel Eyes . Purple eyeshadow can really make green eyes pop. This is because green and purple are complementary colors, so they look the most intense when paired. With green eyes you can get away more easily with all-purple eyeshadow looks, so you should definitely consider picking up a full purple eyeshadow palette rather than just a single or two

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If you love green and you love the sea then you will love this eye look. Watch these two how to video makeup tutorials to learn how to create a seafoam green eye makeup look. The green eye shadow is a great style for any time of the day. The products used to create the seafoam look in this video were Although green eyes always attract a lot of attention, there are several eye makeup tips that can help in giving a further dramatic effect to these eyes. Best Eyeliner Color for Green Eyes Before looking for the perfect eyeliner, you should decide whether you wish to go for a bold look, or a mild and softer look Using a small eye brush, start from the outer corner of the eyes and work inwards, so that the color gets gradually lighter. It'll give you a bigger, wide-eyed look 21 Stunning Makeup Looks for Green Eyes. Summer is the perfect time to start getting experimental with your makeup looks, and if you're having a hard time trying to figure out the right kind of new makeup looks for you,.

You start with the eyes when you are going for dark green eyes, leave the foundation, and other things until you have finished. The eye-catching part about this makeup look will be your eyes and brows, so always start with the eye makeup, you should highlight the green eye shadow not to class both of them Choose green eyeshadow. Hazel eyes look beautiful with subtle green eyeshadow, which works to accent the green in your eyes. Look for a kelly or forest green palette with a range of colors so you can experiment with hues that bring out the best in your eye color. Choose greens with warm, rather than cool, undertones

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Hazel Green Eyes. This is what I guess is considered the typical hazel eye color. However, hazel-green eyes have quite a range actually. They can be very pale and almost yellow in appearance like citrine or they can be bright and clear to deep and soft. Either way, they are beautiful Metallic Makeup - Going Green with Sonal Sagaraya. YouTuber, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger Sonal gives you eye envy. Take a bold step with this metallic green eye look, great for a night out and next day's breakfast plan! =P PRODUCTS USED:. This dusty rose makeup look is so perfect for brides with green eyes. Inspired by the soft focus rosy makeup that Charlotte Tilbury created, she wanted to create a beautiful bridal makeup look, and she did just that! To get the gorgeous look, she uses products like the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Pencil

Hazel-eyed babes will love green eyeshadow as it makes the eyes look greener. If you want to try this shade, go for something bright. Teal is also a good color as it makes brown eyes look more vibrant! But today, what I want you to try is this bold green eye makeup with a touch of yellow, for fun of course Visit the post for more. How To Use The Right Colors Create Your Perfect Makeup Look Makeup inspiration for ginger hair green eyes 25 best ideas about red hair green eyes on makeup for redheads with images redhead red hair blue emma stone beautiful makeup red hair redhead hair by season red green eyes makeup tips for redheads 36 ideas for natural bridal makeup red hair love this shade of red. Green eye makeup look with Essence Cosmetics. May 6, 2020 By Leelo Leave a Comment. A few days ago I played with my Essence Cosmetics eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes and ended up creating this green eye makeup look. For this look I mostly used budget-friendly makeup products from Essence Cosmetics While perfecting that masterful cat eye is a noble goal, if you want to make the most of your makeup after 50, it's time to take a less is more approach. As you become more mature, move towards a classic makeup style. Use softer colors on eyes. Try to move away from trendy eyeshadow colors like bright blue, lime green or hot pink on the eyes Most girls love to wear makeup and one of their favorites is smokey eye makeup.This look can be worn on parties, weddings, night outs, and other events. It can give you a stylish look and enhance your beauty

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Eye Makeup for Green & Hazel Eyes If you have green or hazel eyes, red is the opposite shade on the color wheel. Since red isn't the best color for a natural look, we recommend using eye shadows in the pink family or even darker hues with reddish undertones like bronze, rust and mahogany Makeup artist Violette created seven eye makeup looks using bright colors and intense pigments that you can use for inspiration this summer and beyond. All work well for mask wear and are a lot. Blondes with green eyes and fair skin have beautiful features that can be enhanced with a customized makeup routine. Celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Molly Sims, and Amanda Seyfried are blessed with this beautiful combination of genetics, and they carry it off flawlessly

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Holiday Eye Makeup for Your Eye Color The best way to make your eyes sparkle this holiday season is to choose makeup that complements your eye color. Luckily, the Let's Party Eye Shadow kit has shades that work for people with every eye shade. Here are two simple looks for people with blue or green eyes and those with brown eyes. Holiday Eye. So, What are hooded eyes? Hooded eyes are when a part of your lid drop above your eyebrow and a part of your eye.. It can look like you are tired or older than your age if you don't do your makeup correctly for hooded eyes. We can follow any makeup tools or tips if we want, but always keep in mind your eye shape to reach the desire look results To apply the perfect eye makeup, apply concealer to your undereye area, then use your fingers to apply a little eye primer to your eyelids to help your eyeshadow stay in place. Pick 3 eyeshadows that are similar in color, then apply the lightest color to your eyelid and under your brow bone, blend the darkest color into your crease, and use the medium shade to blend the 2 colors together Finding the best eye shadow for green eyes and red hair involves more than just plunking down your cash for the latest eye makeup. It's no secret that cosmetics look best when they're suited to your personal features, and women with this distinctive combination of eye and hair color have many options to create a stunning look This makeup how-to video shows how unusual colors can still look beautiful in dramatic eye makeup in this look designed specifically for Asian eyes, monolid eyes, or anyone with a small crease. The cosmetics used in this look are MAC Biogreen e/s, MAC Femme Noir e/s (224), MAC Dazzelight & Ricepaper e/s (217), Black Liquid Eyeliner, MAC Minted Eye Kohl Pencil, L'oreal Lush Raven e/s, Shiseido.

Make Up Beauty zu günstigen Preisen. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic 11 Awesome Makeup Tips for Green Eyes 1 Warm Bronze. Green eyes are all about the warm colors, the bronzes and golds and I gotta say, bronze eyeshadow is... 2 Copper Tones. Just like bronze, this makeup tip for green eyes is all about the warmer tones. Copper tones work great... 3 Play with. For green eyes, try purple. Purple eye makeup is easy to match with green eyes, because any shade of purple complements them flawlessly. If you have green eyes, you can use any purple from the lightest lavender to the deepest plum and achieve seamless, color-coordinated results According to the best makeup tricks for green eyes, a more striking look can be achieved with gray. If your skin and hair are darker, your best choices are mauves, darker teals and brows. You could also rock forest green, but you'll get a very dramatic effect. Earthy browns can help you create a truly gorgeous makeup for your beautiful green eyes

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The best makeup for green eyes are earthy tones and neutrals. When looking for a good eyeshadow, look for shades of Peach , Beige , Green , Violet , Bronze , Mocha and Coral are the best makeup for green eyes How to Wear It: Green Eyeshadow. On all models: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color in GR712, $25. When working with bold shadow shades, apply eye makeup first. Bright color against a fully.

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But just because green eyes are the rarest doesn't mean they don't deserve a little attention. We dug up some makeup tips and tricks that will bring out that beautiful color Shiseido Kajal Ink Artist Shadow In Plum Blossom sephora.com. $25.00. SHOP IT. A classic plum brings out both the brown and green in hazel eyes. I love to use this one as a liner, or an eyeshadow.

For the 2018 People's Choice Awards, makeup artist Mary Phillips used a bright green eyeliner to draw seemingly random lines on Kendall Jenner's waterline, upper lashline, and eyelid for an. Avoid too much green makeup such as green eye liner with green eyeshadow. When selecting accompanying makeup colours, opt for light gray or beige hues. Unless you want to look like a Christmas elf, avoid bright shades of red and opt for softer coral or deeper reds lip shades Most stars are known for switching up their looks -- dying their hair, trying out a new fashion style, and even getting plastic surgery -- so it's not surprising that some change their eye color as well. Take a look at these celebs who totally transformed their look by changing their eye color Most are fairly easy to replicate, but what you'll find most, is that all of these eye makeup looks use certain colors that enhance green eyes. With lots of sparkle and shimmer, you'll notice that green eyes are benefited by purples, golds, greens, oranges, and rose golds Shop the best eye shadow palettes for green eyes from Kat Von D Beauty, Urban Decay, NYX Cosmetics, and more

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32. Beautiful shimmery gold for green eyes. Add a sparkly to your look with eye makeup like this! Here we have shimmery gold and long lashes for green eyes. It is a pretty, trendy and stylish look that will suit anyone. Shimmery makeup like this would be perfect for the autumn to winter, especially holiday season It has cool-toned mauve colors that suit blue and green eyes. I feel like you can do both casual everyday looks with the palette as well as more dramatic smokey eye looks. Prime your lids and set the primer, so that it's not sticky. Start to contour your eyes using first lighter and then darker colors. I used first 'Limit' and then 'Nooner' Eyes that have green flecks or are green/grey can be accentuated by green eye shadows and dark green eyeliner. An individual with gold flecks in her grey eyes should try warm, metallic eye shadows and eyeliners Jun 7, 2018 - Explore Rikki Teddleton's board Dark green eyes on Pinterest. See more ideas about dark green eyes, makeup for green eyes, green eyes Shades that have a copper hue, like peach, coral and bronze, are bound to make your eyes look cute and gorgeous by contrast. Muted pastel shades such as lilac or mint green can also flatter blue eyes. Besides, giving your lids a subtle wash of a navy blue color can help emphasize the natural beauty of your eyes

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13 Sexy Eye Makeup Looks You Can Do in 5 Minutes Flat. You'll no longer have to wonder what eye makeup you're wearing out Saturday night. Consider yourself covered with these 13 looks 40. Beautiful green makeup look Add a sparkly to your look with eye makeup like this! Here we have green makeup look and long lashes. It is a pretty, trendy and stylish look that will suit anyone. Shimmery makeup like this would be perfect for the autumn to winter, especially holiday season The shades of glitter can range from gold to light bronze to give your eyes a finished look. Ideal for: This eye makeup goes marvelously well with blue eyes and over 60 years old women and gives your eyes a mesmerizing highlighted look. How to style: Bronze tinted accessories and simple glitter makeup will amp your appearance game. 2

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St. Patrick's Makeup Looks for a Festive Party; Green Clothing That Looks Good on Everyone; The Best Eyeshadow Shades for Brown Eyes; The Best Nude Eyeshadows for Everyday Wear; Blue Eye Shadow Hues to Get in On the '70s Trend; Flattering Eyeshadows to Enhance Pretty Blue Eyes Utilize two different shades of green and utilize both kajal along with eye liner to emphasize your look. Latest Korean Eye Makeup Tutorials. 8. Puppy Eyeliner: The puppy liner is the puppy eye's cleaner and complicated cousin. This look make the eye come out rounder as well as more doll-like. Here's how to get your puppy eye liner look How To Get Amazing Eye Makeup Look For Green Eyes #maquillaje #makeup. Previous. Next. Article Tags: Amazing · eye · Eyes · Green · make up eyeshadow · make up for beginners · make up for brown eyes · make up morenas · make up photography · make up prom · make up tips · make up tutorial · makeup · Maquillaje · wedding make up. Wedding Makeup For Green Eyes Rose Gold Glow DE JOY PHOTOGRAPHY. If you want to complement your green eyes but are intimidated by the idea of red... Olive Smokey Eye ALICIA PYNE PHOTOGRAPHY. Go with a tonal color palette and intensify your green gaze with an... Moody Mauve. Add dimension and warmth. Try these effective makeup tips for hooded eyes: Tip 1: wear eye makeup with open eyes, Tip 2: Apply the eyeshadow...Tip 3: Apply Green Shadow, Tip 4: Get Smoky Cat Eye...Tip 15: Brown Eye Shadow and Falsies

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